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Posted on 02-09-2015

This is true ... at least if you trust the marketing and products from consumer-based retail sources. Last week the New York Attorney General demanded that GNC, Walgreen's, Walmart and Target remove products from their shelves. This was following a study he commissioned through Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.

For years people have asked me what supplements to use and this recent study outlines why I suggest completely avoiding the purchase of supplements through large corporate structures with profit on their minds. I mean really we only have to follow logic and do the math.

1. A large company, such as GNC, can't stay in business without significant profits.

2. Companies do not survive with decreasing profits ... they only function to increase profit.

3. Companies selling products susceptible to spoilage on a very large scale will process and preserve or otherwise biochemically alter their products for extended shelf life.

CONCLUSION: Products distributed with serious shelf-life concerns are altered by companies who sell them so they will not spoil and not because they are better for human consumption.

Or how about another line of logic?

1. A large company, such as Walgreens, can't stay in business without significant profits.

2. Companies do not survive with decreasing profits ... they only function to increase profit.

3. Companies selling products which are significantly cheaper must be aquiring cheap product, diluting quality product or adding filler to quality product to provide an overall cheaper costing product at retail.

CONCLUSION: Products retailed at cheaper costs are subject to some method of reducing the cost either in quality of materials and/or production. Neither of which are done to improve human consumption.

Now I don't only want to pick on the big boys listed in New York's legal action last week. The fact is that many of the 'most savvy entrepreneurs' in the MLM industry have figured this out. With the myriad of nutritional products and 'Proprietary Formulations' that exists in the home-based business nutritional industry you can bet if these products were tested more than a few would have the same problems!

TO BE SAFE: Get recommendations for nutritional products from doctors who use them in their practice! Why? Because they rely on them to make changes safely and effectively in their patients. There are nutritional companies who voluntarily perform 3rd-party testing and even go so far as to test each batch produced for the proper rate of absorption by the human gut.

You can hear a recorded phone conference held in January of 2015 which discusses this issue with a representative for a high quality supplement producer Nutri-West who does participate in quality control testing regularly. Follow this link for audio.

Bio: Dr. Flory practices in St. Louis, MO. He holds certification in Family Practice by the Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders, and is completing a Diplomate as a Chiropractic Internist (DABCI). He does practice and clinical consulting and lectures for various groups and organizations on multiple topics including Auto-Immune, Thyroid, Gastro-Intestinal and Methylation Disorders and Functional Medicine. Dr. Flory can be reached at his office at 314-725-3358 or drmatt@deltaspinalcare.com.

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